The Quality

Where craftsmen & technology unite.

At Ultima a combination of the latest technology and hand crafted skills dovetail perfectly to produce kitchens of superior quality, right to the core. This ethos is ingrained in our highly skilled craftsmen, who take pride in their work. Their experience and dedication means the products we produce are always just right.

As you would expect, our obsessive attention to detail means we only use the finest components. Our hinge plates are a fine example; unlike most of our competitors we use ‘in-line’ hinge plates on our cabinets. This makes adjusting the door height easy. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but if you ask a kitchen fitter they may disagree. We don’t use filler panels on appliance housings either. They are designed and manufactured to fit appliances perfectly without any unsightly fillers or gaps.

Production techniques, we’ve tried them all. For some processes a machine gives the best results, with others finishing by hand is the only way to get the results we require. That’s why we use a combination of the two! Particular elements of our production processes will always be done by hand, it’s the only way to guarantee that certain products are installed correctly to provide you with years of trouble free service.

Our attention to detail comes right to your front door. Ultima kitchens are delivered to your home by experienced staff using our own fleet of vehicles. It means your kitchen never leaves our hands and we have complete control over when and how they are delivered.

It’s our commitment to you, to create the kitchen you desire, of superior quality, at a reasonable price. It’s the Ultima way.

Made in Yorkshire, what else would you expect.